Green cleaners that WORK & Save you A LOT of Money!!

Green cleaners that WORK & Save you A LOT of Money!!

Many of us have stayed away from “Green” cleaning products because they’re expensive, and many of them are just not effective! If you’re one of those people, I know exactly how you feel, I felt that way too….but what I found in Shaklee’s green cleaners, completely changed our family’s life!!  Not only do they WORK, but they SAVE US A LOT OF MONEY!!

Every year we celebrate Earth Day on April 21st! But I feel like EVERY day should be Earth Day. Most of us already recycle, try not to litter, but you can also make a dramatic difference on a daily basis by choosing to use quality, inexpensive, non-toxic, green cleaners!

If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ll know that I was swept away by the amazing results of Shaklee’s supplements. And once I understood their “money back guarantee”, I figured…..oh, what the heck…I might as well start changing brands and giving some of their other products a try.

I don’t have an interesting or funny story related to how our family started on these cleaners, all I know is my kids have grown up knowing ONLY these cleaners in our home and it is a great feeling to know they were never subjected to the toxins found in regular cleaning products. I’m also proud to say they’ve both moved out and have continued using them. As my daughter put it “You don’t need to be “proud” of me…..I’m not stupid…..why would I spend anywhere from $3 – $10.00 on various chemicals to clean my house when I can do it for pennies using Shaklee’s non-toxic cleaners!!” I don’t care what she says….I’m still proud of both of them! 😉

You can check out the entire line on my website.  The line is called “Get Clean”. But I’ll give you a quick idea how wonderfully versatile and inexpensive just one of their cleaners is.

Basic H2 – Shaklee Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate (been around for over 50 years!) One 16 oz bottle of concentrate costs about $12.00 retail. You can also buy a 3-Pk bottle set for about $8.00 retail. These 3 bottles are pre-stamped with dilution instructions….there’s a degreaser, an all-purpose cleaner and a mirror/glass cleaner. Here’s how easy it is…..fill all three bottles with water (yep….Shaklee figures why ship water all over the country, when we’ve got it right there in our home) And now read how each bottle is created:

1) Degreaser: Add 1 1/2 teaspoons of the Basic H2 concentrate to this bottle of water.  (You now have an amazing degreaser for about 17 cents!

2) All-Purpose Cleaner: Add 1/4 teaspoon of the Basic H2 concentrate to this bottle of water. (You now have a wonderful all-purp cleaner for 3 cents!!!

3) Glass/Mirrow Cleaner: Add 1-2 DROPS of the Basic H2 concentrate to this bottle of water. (Which comes to less than one penny per bottle!)

Come on folks, you can’t even get it THIS cheap at a dollar store!! (So if going “Green” doesn’t excite you…maybe these prices will! 😉

And here’s a couple tips: depending on what brand of mirror cleaner you used before, ours will mix with the residue left on your mirror and might cause a little streaking the first couple times. Once you’ve removed the old solution….it’ll work great! But remember ONLY 1-2 drops, NOT a small squirt, otherwise it WILL be too strong and it WILL streak! (Crazy…huh?!)

As for the Degreaser….the recipe found on the bottle can be used for many degreasing or hard to clean jobs in your home, but keep in mind if you need something even stronger, i.e. degreasing car parts, your grill, etc., just add some of the concentrate to your bottle and go get those jobs done too! We have a wonderful little “recipe book” showing the various ways you can dilute the concentrate to accomplish many, many more jobs than found with these 3 spray bottles! And I guarantee you…..they WORK!!

These cleaning products have been used by the Jacques Cousteau Society on their ships for many years, because they know how “green” they truly are! And as of a few years ago, Shaklee’s Get Clean products are also used in the White House and the Vice President’s home!! Plus they’ve been featured on Oprah a few times and also on Rachael Ray, to name just a few! 😉

So…..are you looking for a way to save money AND help the environment? Is your main concern to get toxins out of your home? If so, Shaklee’s Get Clean products are a great choice!!! Think of the impact you’ll be making on our landfills at the same time!! Here’s a short video with more info on this amazing line of products! Get Clean Video

Let’s celebrate Earth Day…..EVERY day!

Editor’s Note: The contents of this blog post are an expression of my own personal opinion and experiences, including any mention of Shaklee’s products, and none of the contents and/or claims herein are endorsed by the Shaklee Corporation.