Natural alternative for relief of asthma symptoms!

Natural alternative for relief of asthma symptoms!

Years ago I learned magnesium helps open the lungs/airways which in turn can help relieve the breathing problems for asthmatics. About that time, a co-worker of mine mentioned her son, age 10, suffered from asthma symptoms, always needing to use his inhaler upon waking every day and then also numerous times during the day. I shared with her what I had learned about magnesium and she decided to start giving her son Shaklee’s Calcium Magnesium product to see if it could offer any help at all.

Within just a few weeks of taking this product regularly, her son stopped needing his inhaler first thing upon waking and was only needing to use it a few times a week instead of many times a day! We were all thrilled with these results! A couple months later he flew out to visit family while on summer break from school, and while visiting he ran out of Shaklee’s Calcium Magnesium. His family brought him to a nearby pharmacy and just picked up one of their top of the line brands of calcium/magnesium, assuming it would hold him over till he got back home. Within just a week or so of being on the store brand product, he called his mother to tell her it was not working and he was back to needing his inhaler many times a day. He asked her to please send him another bottle of his “Shaklee stuff”! So, of course, we expedited one out to him immediately! And it only took a few days of being back on it for him to get results!!

Another distributor shared a similar story with me about this same time, saying she had sold Shaklee’s Calcium Magnesium product to a family who had a very young daughter (seems like she was about 5 or 6 years old) with asthma. They also got excellent results…their daughter was hardly needing her inhaler at all! They were of course thrilled. But the mother also told us that months later, when they brought their daughter to her scheduled doctor’s appointment, they shared this good news with their doctor. He immediately advised them to stop giving her the Shaklee product, and stressed the importance of the inhaler. They were SHOCKED beyond belief. I don’t recall if they argued with him or not. But they did go home and ignore his suggestion altogether. They thought, “Why would we do that? If we’re getting such amazing results using a natural supplement to the point where the medicine isn’t needed for symptom relief, why would we change anything?!” When I heard this story….I was appalled! It didn’t make any sense to me either! I’m so glad they followed their instincts and made the logical decision to continue her on the regimen that was working!! There IS a time, place and a need for medications…. but if there isn’t a need… why do it?! But that’s just my opinion! 😉

Shaklee has two calcium products, both also containing magnesium and other vital nutrients to ensure the calcium is actually absorbed and used by the body. There’s a swallowable version called Osteomatrix which contains 100 mg of Magnesium per pill, and they also have a chewable version (for younger kids who can’t yet swallow pills) called Chewable Cal Mag Plus, which contains 25 mg of Magnesium per pill. The article I read specified that taking about 6.2 mg of magnesium per pound of body weight, per day, is approximately what a person should try. This will, of course, vary with everyone….that’s just a good starting point. So for example if your child weighs about 70 lbs X 6.2 mg = 434 mg of magnesium. The young boy I helped. weighed 70 lbs, so his mom put him on 4 a day of the Osteomatrix, and it worked great. Keep in mind, its best to split them up, either 2 in the morning and 2 at dinner/bedtime or one each 4 times a day. So you can figure out what dose would be best for your child depending on his weight and which product he/she would be using. Although my kids did not have asthma, I started them on Shaklee’s calcium as early as the age of 4, first a couple chewables a day, and as they grew up, I just increased it till they were taking the full dose of 4 Osteomatrix each day. I had learned, by that time, the importance of calcium in those early years preparing them for stronger bones as adults!

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